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At Rensika we offer a wide range of products ideally suited to the catering sector because we provide what the industry needs, namely appetizers, snacks, delicious dressings and numerous other products made with premium ingredients.

Mediterranean delicacies sold in bulk, ranging from individual 100-g tubs to 7.5-kg bulk deliveries, together with the filo pastry, all with the aim of offering turnkey solutions for the catering industry.

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Classic Hummus

Our delicious timeless recipe, a creamy chickpea paste with a touch of oil and lemon. Delicious dip that the whole family can enjoy.

Suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free

Hummus with Kalamata olives

A taste of the real Greece! Protected designation of origin olives from Kalamata, Greece’s flagship olive-growing region, and hummus. What better combination?

Suitable for vegetarians.

Barbecue hummus

Impressive mix of mouth-watering chickpea paste seasoned with a touch of barbecue flavour, the perfect companion for roasted meats.

Pesto Hummus

Hummus is so versatile it is great with vegetables, meats, fish and of course pasta.The winning combination of pesto and hummus will win over even the most demanding of customers.

Curry Hummus

Delicious and highly original recipe characterised by its distinctive aroma and taste. The touch of curry spices combines perfectly with our mild classic hummus.

Hummus with roasted pepper

Red peppers give hummus a fantastic flavour as their fragrant taste combines perfectly with our mild classic hummus.


Tsatsiki is a delicious combination of Greek yoghurt, cucumber, olive oil, lemon, garlic and mint. The ideal accompaniment for starters, meat and fish dishes, or perfect as a baguette filling or as a tasty dip with crudités.

Suitable for vegetarians.


Typical Greek dish made from cod roe and seasoned with lemon juice and oil. This increasingly popular product is ideal as a starter or snack.

Filo pastry

Paper-thin sheets of flour dough, olive oil, water and salt that turn golden and crispy when baked. Filo pastry comes in 250 g roles of pastry sheets in the chilled section, or 450 g in the frozen section. Filo pastry can be oven-baked or fried and is used in countless sweet and savoury recipes.