What is hummus?

Hummus is one of the oldest products within the famous Mediterranean diet. It is a delicious paste made from chickpeas, olive oil, sesame paste, lemon and seasoning, making it an extremely tasty and nutritional treat.

Carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy fats without cholesterol are the main nutritional contributors to hummus.

A further health benefit is that the vitamin C from the lemon helps the body absorb the iron in the dish.

Why eat hummus?

Each ingredient boosts your health:

  • Chickpeas, being a kind of legume, lie on the second rung of the food pyramid and should therefore be eaten 3 to 4 times per week.
  • Chickpeas are very healthy: they contain no cholesterol or saturated fats and are rich in protein.
  • Tahini is a natural source of calcium and, like chickpeas, is rich in protein.
  • Olive oil, widely known as liquid gold, regulates cholesterol and protects the heart from numerous diseases.
  • Garlic and lemon are rich in antioxidants and therefore reduce oxidative stress in the body while boosting our immune system.

The dish is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, a way of life that is attracting an increasing number of followers.